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Willowtreerags Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth captivated me with her incredible eye color and I had to have her. She continues to amaze me with her eyes and she is my cuddle bug who always finds her way to my lap.

Queens: Females

CH Karmadolls Leela

My first "keeper", Leela with her beautiful eyes and amazing super soft coat there was never a question whether she would stay. She received her Champion title and Best lilac mitted lynx in the Northeast in TICA and then quickly became a mom thus ending her show career. She just had her last litter and will be retired early 2024. Leela is now retired and living with her new family in Madison, hometown.


Karmadolls Kalifornia

My beautiful seal bicolor girl is the only daughter I kept from my King. She did extremely well at the two shows I brought her to as a kitten. She had a beautiful litter of seven girls on July 12, 2023


Karmadolls Kalyn

Kalyn is a lilac bicolor and had her first litter of 7 this past June, '22. She is an amazing mom and also helped rear her sister Kendall"s litter. Kalyn is now retired and at her forever home.


Karmadolls Kendall

Kendall with her beautiful seal lynx markings and gentle disposition, she has captured my heart. She has a new litter of 5 precious babies who came a bit early and I affectionately call them my "littles". I have retired Kendall and she is very happy in her forever home.


Karmadolls Kashmir

I fell in love with Kashmir shortly after she was born and affectionately called her my heart-shaped girl. She is maturing beautifully and I can't wait to take her to her first show. I look forward to what she will bring to my cattery.

Queens: Females


Bettering the breed

Queens: Welcome
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